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Apparently this happens to me every couple of years. I don’t want to say I get bored. But a big part of me begins to miss the dynamic nature of an unknown day and wish for a challenge.

I’ve been in marketing for six years. I’ve worked for agencies – large, medium and small. I’ve done client-side, contract and freelance. For nearly three years, I’ve managed my own company. Design, media, visuals, online, production, branding, public relations, strategy… They are all pieces of the communications pie, a vital, powerful indulgence in our world today. After running the industry gamut though, I am ready for something new.

I’ve been considering career alternatives for a while, having to be a real adult and make calculated choices that took into account my personal responsibilities, promises to others and, most of all, timing. I wanted to turn my day-to-day into something I truly love doing. A no-brainer, I easily settled on a field where my passion has always flourished and excited – health and fitness. Why shouldn’t I focus on a cornerstone of the human existence? Why shouldn’t I help people utterly improve their quality of life? This is what matters.

A slew of research, conversations and deliberation later, I decided the first step would be to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I could get accredited and start gaining experience with clients right away. I mean, I had bided enough time; I needed to get moving.

The organization I found to be the most reputable certifying body was the American College of Sports Medicine, a.k.a. ACSM or The Gold Standard. They require what’s claimed to be the highest level of knowledge and skill of their trainers, and I aim to be the best. So I studied all summer. I hadn’t read a textbook since college, and not even cover-to-cover then. I used flashcards, for crying out loud, and did three practice tests. It was worth it. I passed the exam on August 28. (Legal, Professional, Business and Marketing was my strongest category. Ha!)

Now I’m a toe in the water. Not sure where it will all lead – perhaps more education and certifications, perhaps creating another business, perhaps an opportunity that I don’t even realize is out there yet. I do know that it means I’m on my path to happiness and self-fulfillment, and that I’m looking forward to making a difference. I’ll change the world if you let me.

Side side note… Brandfarmers, advertising and marketing solutions, will continue. I’ll be a heavy part of the company for the foreseeable future. Once my personal training gig revs up enough to be fulltime, I’ll scale back hours elsewhere. Brandfarmers will live on under the leadership of my business partner, regardless. No one is to worry.  :)