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Stuart Scott, an Inspiration

Last night my brother said, “Damn, Stuart Scott died.” He said Stuart was one of the first people he ever remembered listening to when it came to sports. My boyfriend agreed. They shook their somber heads.

I didn’t know who Stuart Scott was in that moment. This morning I’ve been watching ESPN and as soon as I saw a clip of Stuart Scott hosting Sports Center, I knew him immediately.

Stuart ScottI’m a girl, so sports commentators come a little more slowly to me. But I recognized this man. I had seen and heard him many times. I didn’t really identify him as a pioneer of the industry along the way, but in all the passings-by I have had with practically any sports viewing, he was there. He was building a legacy my whole life. I just hadn’t realized.

I knew his face. I knew his voice – and his catch phrases. Boo-yah! Cooler than the other side of the pillow! And people across the world knew him as an award-winning leader in sports broadcasting.

I watch co-workers, former partners, athletes and more speak about Stuart in a very touching tribute. He was no doubt loved and a person who loved life. I can recall that and see it vividly right now.

He was a talented, fun, family-oriented man. Many say that viewers felt like they knew him, and that they did know him because the man you saw on TV was the man himself. He was always real, and that is a rare thing.

His enthusiasm was contagious. Through Stuart viewers found appreciation for basketball, golf, tennis and any sport he laid his hands on. A subtle, powerful teacher.

I watch Stuart and am inspired. I saw a man who loved what he did. He had a spark for his job that drives me forward. And to think how inspiration on a Monday morning can come from such unexpected sources…

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