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I’m Back

Well. Well. Well. After an unexpectedly long hiatus, I’m back in the blog world. I don’t know. Somewhere in spring 2012 I started a break. It never really was intentional. I just got busy, real busy, with all the complications of my “year in transition” – working multiple jobs, including starting a business and joining a professional trade organization to help further that, dealing with deadbeat family issues, dwindling in a romantic relationship, living in a real house for the first time with absurd amounts of yard work, etc. So I put the computer down, which I practically relied on every minute for my new livelihood and in this digital age became quickly fed up with. For a while, it was just a breather. I needed some space and having it felt good. Then it was harder and harder to carve out time to write. Because, just like exercise, writing is a lifestyle and when you slack off you pay for it dearly. I eventually missed my art though, missed the creative outlet. I missed feeling personally accomplished and hated the thought that I was constantly “going to do” something. I started writing again. Yay! I was all set to add a post to my blog for the first time in like six months when I realized… Hmm… GoDaddy, what do you mean hackers stole my bandwidth and deleted my template and archives? WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Big blow. Gosh. Thankfully, I was a smart girl and backed up all my articles over the last two years of regular postings. But how daunting is it to consider starting from scratch with a blog, even with copy and paste ability for pre-written content? For me, very. In fact, it’s taken me about another year to finally take matters into productive hands again – and stop the “woe is me, can’t believe this happened, too much to bear” attitude. One serious explanation later… I am now where I am. Writing and posting and fulfilling again. Hold on to your hats, public!