I went for a swim today, and I felt like my old self. I haven’t swum laps in a chlorine pool in many years. I used to be a lifeguard, five summers worth. I used to swim 500 yards almost daily. And I was fast.

I’ve lost a lot. I’m not even sure how long the YMCA pool lap lane is. I know I did 22 laps. My main goal was to complete 20 minutes of cardio though. My muscles twinged and my breath ran short.

I walked out into the fresh air and sunshine and smiled. I laughed and nearly cried. I hadn’t done that in so long. Memories of those afternoons at the pool came rushing back, of being young and carefree. I couldn’t recall the last time I felt like that. I’m only 28.

It was exhilarating and made me long for laissez-faire of the past.  Where normally, I’m covered with worry. It’s my nature to perfect.

Today I felt alive, an excellent reminder of what value taking care of oneself can have, that we are all tied down by a sense of obligation and lack of perspective. The better I can remember this, the better I can be, the more swimmingly life will go.

2 thoughts on “6.2.15

  1. I am so glad that you are continuing to invest in your health and fitness even though your life is probably going a million miles an hour right now! I am here for you anytime all you have to do is shout my name…no wait….all you have to do is call me.

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